Let your visual style be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.

Orson Wells

A brand is a “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one company being distinct from those of other companies.”

Your brand or logo is imensely important to your company & its existance. And also its future growth and fortune.

What makes your business stand out? What draws your customers in? Whatever makes up your corporate identity – and whether you’re a small start-up or a large enterprise – Tiger Toners merchandising services will help you communicate it with style and make a superb impression on your clients.
Tiger Toner offers you a complete solution for branded apparel, corporate gifts and merchandise products. Our Tiger Toner has suppliers who are able to source products nationally or internationally if needed.

With the convenience of in-house designing, we can help you design a custom-made branded item to suit your specific needs. All art work is handled by our designer who can also assist with any design issues or needs with your merchandise.

Promotional merchandise provides long lasting continous exposure to your recipient long after your marketing or event is over. And it also adds professionalism to your name.

A huge positive for items which you have branded with your logo, is that they will last a lot longer than the televsion, printed or radio adertisement. It is physical. And may also be mobile. There for exposing your brand to a larger spectrum without you even knowing this…!

How many times have you picked up that pen with the local real estates name on it, or you have the stress ball, shaped like a piggy bank, from a national bank?

Did they leave a lasting impression on you? Or even if it was for just a few minutes, you have still noticed their brand and their existence in the corperate and retail world.

iPad covers
mugs / cups
data storage
business cards
anything we can brand!

Tiger can take care of your branding from start to end…

With our inhouse design team, you are assured that your branding can be taken care of with professional graphic designers.

If you are strating a new company and need a logo or you feel it is time to refresh your previous logo – we are bursting with creativity to share with you!
We can provide your organisation with various elements of advertising & marketing material. Our design professionals will promise to deliver you with the highest quality visual communications solutions.

Don’t waste time calling around searching for graphics designers, marketing managers & promotional sales reps – We have them all here under one roof.

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